MercBank Appreciates Its’ Employees

December 10, 2012 // Culture

Article Written By: Tina Van Valkenburg| VP-Human Resource Specialist | Mercantile Bank of Michigan

For 15 years, we have touted as part of our Mission Statement that “Our EMPLOYEES are our most valuable asset”.  It is one thing to say, but we take it further by showing them our appreciation in many ways!

Weekly, Gordon Oosting shares with the team a story that focuses on teamwork, highlighting employees who are appreciated for not only what they do but how they do it and how it impacts both customers and the organization.  It’s great to read these every week and see the wonderful connections between so many of our employees.

We ended the month of September with the ever popular Employee Appreciation Lunches, where Cal Murdock, one of our Board of Directors, cooks and serves up his special recipe burgers, brats and more to all of the employees.  This years’ event was hosted by Mark Oberlin (from The Oberlin Group of Raymond James & Associates), with a special visit by his musical group, Two Men and an Amp, at the Leonard event.  As always, these lunches give us a chance to relax a bit during the day while enjoying some great company and the thanks from the Executive Team.

It goes without saying, that a great company is defined by its great employees and to further celebrate that during our 15th year, we are having a 15th Anniversary Party for all of our employees, our Directors and guests in December.   We are all looking forward to an evening of reflection, celebration and appreciation!!

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