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Article Written By: Destiny Granger | Marketing Intern | Mercantile Bank of Michigan

I’m currently a senior at Grand Valley State University double majoring in Finance and Marketing. I heard about Mercantile and the internship opportunities through Dean Don Williams. Dean Williams is the donor of the scholarship I received my junior year and a Director Emeritus at Mercantile. I had always desired to work at a bank; so when he informed me about the bank opportunities I quickly jumped on it. Shortly after, I attended an informational meeting at the bank. This is where I met Brett Hoover, the Human Resource Administrator (who is also great at his job). Brett informed me about the current internships available and suggested that their Marketing internship best fit my background. A few weeks later I went for an interview with Monica Kreiger and Michelle Shangraw, both amazing friendly people, and got the position.

Jumping forward…………..

My first day as a Mercantile Marketing intern was absolutely amazing. The people were great, very welcoming and friendly especially my boss, Monica Kreiger. I had known within a few hours of being there that I would love my job.

A few of my responsibilities as a Marketing Intern were to put together an already formulated training packet for the Firstbank and Keystone Community Bank employees, who are now Mercantile employees thanks to the successful merger, scan and monitor activity on social media, design internal signage for the branches, created name tags for new employee and many other projects.

One of the exciting parts about being a marketing intern at Mercantile Bank was being a part of the merger with Firstbank and Keystone Community Bank. Although at times it got very hectic; it was still very exciting. I received the chance to often work outside the office. I had mini road trips with Zach Roth, awesome guy, to take pictures for the bank website all over the state. I recently received the chance to attend an annual fundraising skeet shoot in Ada Michigan; where I was able to shoot a shotgun for the first time, it was an awesome experience.

Overall, my time spent at Mercantile Bank of Michigan was an absolute great, amazing, learning experience. I plan on coming back to further my experience as an employee of the bank soon. This was an experience that I would definitely encourage others to take part in. I would like to thank Monica, Michelle, Brett, Don, Tina, Mike, Zach, Sarah and the whole fourth floor for giving me a great experience here at Mercantile Bank!