Article Written By:  Zach Roth | Creative Media Specialist | Mercantile Bank of Michigan

We are proud to announce that our website is getting a new look!  The updated will be launching in the upcoming weeks.  At Mercantile Bank, we are continually striving to improve our products and services.  It was this focus that led us to determine how we could better the presentation and functionality of our website.  There are several reasons as to why this news has us eagerly anticipating the improvements.

After much hard work and testing we firmly believe that you will quickly fall in love with the new layout.  It will provide our customers with a simple and intuitive flow.  You will not have to make numerous amounts of clicks to finally arrive at the section of the website that you are looking for.  Each portion of the webpage is easy to find and easy to access.  Your time is important to us.  The new navigation is so simple and easy that you may actually have a couple of free minutes on your hands to just sit back and relax.

The new and improved look of is incredibly sharp.  We are thrilled with how neat and clean the design has turned out.  It has a calming color scheme that won’t stress out your eyes in the least bit.  Be prepared to enjoy the view.

As we are creatures of habit, there is one major thing to be aware of with the launch of the new site.  The Internet Banking Login will now be located on the upper right hand side of the homepage.  It was previously located on the upper left hand side so don’t be alarmed when your muscle memory takes you to what is now an empty space.  All you need to do is stay calm and hear the faint voice of the MercBlog whispering, “…upper right hand corner”.­

We hope that you enjoy the new look as much as we do!