The Merc Mob

January 24, 2013 // Community, Culture, Events

Article Written By: David Tilley | Creative Media Specialist | Mercantile Bank of Michigan

Early last year we were looking at unique ways we could give back to our local community. We knew that we wanted to 1) be able to have participants be directly involved, 2) support businesses that make an impact on our local economy, and 3) make it fun.

The Merc Mob was born.

Merc Mob  A social flash mob of Mercantile employees who volunteer to spend their lunch at the designated restaurant.  We ask others to join us though Facebook/Twitter. We do this to support local businesses, start conversations, and generate buzz for the local community.

We pick the time and the restaurant, then invite people to join us in mobbing their space, eating their food, and giving them exposure. Everyone eats lunch, so by coordinating a large group of people to do it at all at one space, we have the ability to make a cool impact. The restaurants have been excited because they get customers in who are excited to buy their food, and they can see featured photos of the event posted on our Facebook and Twitter accounts (on occasion videos too). We’ve been doing Merc Mobs monthly for close to a year now and are excited about the enthusiasm it’s received from the community.

Join us tomorrow, the 25th, as we mob Rockwell‘s (45 S. Division Ave, GR) at 11:30am. Also be sure to watch our Facebook for future mobs. Gather your friends, grab a fork, and dig into supporting local businesses!