The Merc Mob

January 24, 2013 // Community, Culture, Events

Article Written By: David Tilley | Creative Media Specialist | Mercantile Bank of Michigan

Early last year we were looking at unique ways we could give back to our local community. We knew that we wanted to 1) be able to have participants be directly involved, 2) support businesses that make an impact on our local economy, and 3) make it fun.

The Merc Mob was born.

Merc Mob -  A social flash mob of Mercantile employees who volunteer to spend their lunch at the designated restaurant.  We ask others to join us though Facebook/Twitter. We do this to support local businesses, start conversations, and generate buzz for the local community.

We pick the time and the restaurant, then invite people to join us in mobbing their space, eating their food, and giving them exposure. Everyone eats lunch, so by coordinating a large group of people to do it at all at one space, we have the ability to make a cool impact. The restaurants have been excited because they get customers in who are excited to buy their food, and they can see featured photos of the event posted on our Facebook and Twitter accounts (on occasion videos too). We’ve been doing Merc Mobs monthly for close to a year now and are excited about the enthusiasm it’s received from the community.

Join us tomorrow, the 25th, as we mob Rockwell‘s (45 S. Division Ave, GR) at 11:30am. Also be sure to watch our Facebook for future mobs. Gather your friends, grab a fork, and dig into supporting local businesses!

Fall Speaker Series

September 24, 2012 // Events

Article Written By:  Michelle Shangraw | Retail Banking Director | Mercantile Bank of Michigan

As a way to help keep our customers informed about specific topics of interest to them, we recently kicked off our Fall Seminar Series. Our first event, which took place on September 18th, was titled “Bosses, Babies & Big Decisions- How choices impact earning power”.   GVSU Professor, Dr. Sonia Dalmia discussed how women’s choices impact their earning power.   Sonia is well known for her research in analyzing the differences gender makes in employment and earnings.

On September 25th, Major Gifts for Major Impact will be presented by Deb Minton, founder of Philanthropia Partners.  Deb provides thoughtful and innovative counsel to nonprofits, their leaders, philanthropists and entrepreneurs seeking to maximize their impact toward the greater good.  Deb has over 24 years of nonprofit executive experience and will be discussing ways to enhance a non-profit’s ability to attract and retain major donors.

Time:  8:00am-9:30am
Location:  Mercantile Bank, 310 Leonard St NW Grand Rapids, MI

Deciding when and how to collect Social Security benefits can be challenging for individuals.  It becomes an even greater challenge when you are married.  That’s why we are offering the seminar Understanding Social Security Retirement Benefits” on October 17th in partnership with Mark Oberlin of Raymond James & Associates and BlackRock Investments LLC.

Our speaker, Paulette Walz is currently a Retirement Specialist and is responsible for delivery of Social Security presentations.  Paulette has more than 30 years of experience educating individuals, community groups and financial organizations on Social Security.  She will walk individuals through different strategies to determine the best approach.

Time:  6:00pm -8:30pm
Location:  Mercantile Bank, 310 Leonard St NW Grand Rapids, MI
RSVP: Here

The series wraps up with our final topic on November 8th, when Steve Ford, youngest son of former President Gerald Ford will be discussing Leadership during Challenging Times.   Steve will share his experiences and stories that have helped shaped his own brand of leadership. Steve has a diverse past including living at the White House as a teenager, competing as a rodeo cowboy and acting as a cast member on the soap opera “The Young and the Restless”.  Steve is currently a motivational speaker and chairman of the Gerald Ford Foundation.  This event is by invitation only.

Time:  11:30am-1:30pm,
Location:  Bissell Tree House at John Ball Zoo

We are excited to be able to bring these seminars and networking events to our customers this year. We are looking forward to some exciting and informational events!